HMAV Bounty ship model plans



Full set (5 A3 sheets) of high-quality HMAV Bounty ship model plans and drawings. Due to extra quality and resolution, you can choose any scale you want to build this wonderful ship model. All Ship Model Club Members get unlimited technical support in model shipbuilding.

Good Luck!

History of the ship

His Majesty’s Armed Vessel (HMAV) Bounty began her career as the collier Bethia, built at the Blaydes shipyard near Hull.

Later she was purchased by the British Royal Navy on May 26, 1787 (JJ Colledge/D Lyon say 23rd May), and renamed Bounty. She was a relatively small sailing ship at 215 tons, mounting only four pounders (2 kg cannon) and ten swivel guns.

By way of comparison, Cook’s Endeavour displaced 368 tons, and Resolution 462 tons.